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Family Vacation Tips For Europe

With its historic sites and museums, or even big beaches and forests straight out of a fairy tale, Europe is a place the whole family will love.

Travelling With Children Ages 7 And Under

Tip 1: The majority of airports allow families with young children to avoid the lineups at customs and security. Hit the express line with your kids!

Tip 2: During the flight, alternate between games, snacks and movies to keep the kids occupied for the entire journey.

Tip 3: Travelling with a baby often means a lot of luggage. To avoid exceeding the limits, rent childcare items, ask hoteliers for a folding baby crib, and rent a car seat from the car rental agency.

Tip 4: Child carrier backpacks are more versatile than strollers. They let you move around easily in the city and in nature. The stairs and cobblestones that you find everywhere in European cities, as well as the more rugged trails, will no longer be an issue.

Tip 5: Bring snacks to calm hungry kids down during your outings.

Tip 6: Think of places that youngsters will like, and alternate between visits and playgrounds.

Tip 7: Don’t plan days that are too hectic, or excessively long distances to cover.

Travelling With Children Ages 8 And Over

Tip 1: Include your kids in the trip planning by showing them photos of places to visit, and teaching them some words in the country’s language. Adjust expectations before departure to avoid dealing with disappointment.

Tip 2: Give your children an allowance for souvenirs before departure. They’ll be careful when choosing what they want to bring back.

Tip 3: Make sure to find accommodation that offers Wi-Fi, and has a pool or is near the beach.

Tip 4: Let the kids plan a day from A to Z. They’ll love being your tour guide!

Tip 5: Create a family logbook that’ll keep your children busy while travelling or at the hotel.

Tip 6: Save time by purchasing your passes in advance. That way, you’ll avoid long lineups.

Tip 7: Plan card games that are easy to carry, and very hand during downtime.

Tip 8: Discuss the day’s highlights, as they’re often quite different for each family member.

Tip 9: Don’t plan your trip down to the last detail; leave room for spontaneity! Remember that you’re on vacation and that there’s something for everyone.

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